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Arkansas at SEC Media Days Went By Largely Uneventful

This year’s talkin’ season brought a lot of cliches.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas’ appearance in Atlanta at SEC Media Days came and went without much stir. The legendary Bob Holt had his questions ready to go and Chad Morris, Santos Ramirez, Dre Greenlaw, and Hjalte Froholdt took to the podium and gave mostly vanilla answers. The most fire came from Greenlaw’s feet.

Really the most notable thing that was said is that Brandon Martin is currently not on the team for academic reasons. There is a chance he could return in 2019 but that would be his final year of eligibility. The talk about Mike Woods and his arrest never strayed past the usual “we’re aware of the situation and handling it in-house” that you see from nearly every program.

Morris’ comments on the offense also featured a couple interesting tidbits. First the quarterback competition is still up in the air, which isn’t surprising. Also the offense will feature a lot of two back sets, will be run heavy to set up the play action pass.

That might be a surprise to some but Morris emphasized the team’s need to play to their strengths, and right now that includes the running game. It won’t be the same I-formation, two backs, two tight end power runs, but don’t expect whoever wins the QB job to start slinging the ball around 40+ times.

Aside from that you got a lot of talk about how the team is growing a new culture, expectations within the team are different from the media, and seeing leadership developing. All of those things are important for a football team, but don’t exactly make the best quotes or conversation.


The offseason is almost over.