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Could Frank Ragnow Be Drafted In the First Round?

Signs are looking more optimistic.

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL Draft gets started in Dallas tonight with the first round of picks. The second and third rounds on Friday, followed by the remainder of the draft Saturday. Some other players have been involved and went through the combine and pro days grind, but the best chance of a draft pick is Frank Ragnow.

Even though the previous season has been a rough one, Ragnow has been getting some major draft buzz, even potentially making his way into the first round.

So where do mock drafts have him going right now? SB Nation has compiled a consensus mock draft once again, taking a look at various drafts to see where most people have players going. There isn’t a consensus for Ragnow due to his late rise, but some individual and high profile outlets have Ragnow making a late push.

ESPN’s mock, at least the one not behind a paywall, has him going 30th to the Minnesota Vikings. Mike Mayock at has him being picked by the 21st by the Cincinnati Bengals, as does CBS Sports. If he doesn’t go in the first round? Bleacher Report’s 7-round mock has him going in the second round to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ragnow’s consistency and versatility has made him a very popular look on the offensive line. He has said recently that he could play center or either of the guard positions. If you’re watching the draft tonight, keep an eye on the previously mentioned picks, the Bengals at 21 or the Vikings at 30. So much of the NFL draft is about need and the buzz around these two teams is they are looking hard at finding offensive linemen. If Frank gets picked on Thursday, it’ll likely be one of those two teams.