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2018 Bracket Watch: Gaining Ground?

Teams have less than a week to make an impression.

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With less than a week to Selection Sunday and only conference tournaments to go, the Hogs (and everyone else for that matter) have a select few games to go to impress the committee. With another 1-1 week, but that win over Auburn helps the Hogs more than the loss has. Here’s how the resume stacks up and where the experts have Arkansas.

Record: 21-10 (10-8)

RPI: 29

SOS: 45

Non-Conference SOS: 120

Record vs. RPI Top-25: 3-5 (5-7 vs. Top-50)

ESPN: 7 Seed vs. Providence (Up From 8 Seed)

A matchup against the Friars would mean an interesting post matchup between Daniel Gafford and senior Rodney Bulloc. They’ve proven themselves capable of beating top teams like Villanova at home, but also have losses to UMass and DePaul. Arkansas has three common opponents with Providence (Minnesota, Belmont, and Houston) Arkansas was 2-1, Providence lost to Minnesota and Houston, and just got a one point win over Belmont.

Yahoo: 6 Seed (No Matchup, Up From 9 Seed)

Possible matchups here are Kansas State, Butler, Mid Tennessee State, and a first four matchup. Kansas State might be the best matchup here. Butler has been struggling but always seems to have some magic in March. Mid Tennessee State has taken their swings against plenty of big names and has two wins over SEC teams.

CBS: 6 Seed vs. Providence (Up From 7 Seed)

Another matchup against the Friars, this one has a trip to Dallas and a much better potential second round matchup. This bracket shows the importance of trying to get a couple wins in the SEC Tournament and staying in the 6 seed.

SI: 6 Seed vs. St. Bonaventure (Up From 9 Seed)

3 for 4 on the six seed line. The Bonnies are a team on fire through, currently on a 12 game winning streak. Arkansas would have the more athletic group but beating a team that hasn’t lost since January 19th would be a tough game.