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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: Early Returns

How has the conference looked so far?

NCAA Basketball: NIT Season Tip-Off-Tennessee vs Kansas Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

14. Georgia

Man that 24 point loss to Georgia State is up there as the biggest #SECBASKETBALLFEVER game so far.

13. South Carolina

They lost to Stony Brook and to Wofford by 20. Their best win is...Coastal Carolina?

12. Texas A&M

It’s been a tougher schedule for the Aggies than the other teams at the bottom of the conference but they’re the only team currently with a losing record in the conference (2-4), and now Admon Gilder looks to be done for the year? Things aren’t looking great.

11. Ole Miss

Things are going better for the Rebels than most thought this year. Their only losses are to Cincinnati and Butler, and they got a nice win against Baylor.

10. Alabama

They do have a win against Wichita State, but this doesn’t look like one Gregg Marshall’s best teams. Plus that 16 point loss to Northeastern really stands out.

9. Vanderbilt

Man, losing Darius Garland is a brutal blow for the Commodores. They started off well by beating USC on the road, but have not looked themselves in the small sample size they have without him.

8. Missouri

They needed OT to get past UCF and boy did they need it, otherwise they would be sitting below .500 with no real impressive victories.

7. Florida

4-3 isn’t impressive but the schedule has been rough. Their losses came to a ranked Florida State, Oklahoma, and Butler and they blew out Stanford. Unfortunately for them the schedule doesn’t get easier with games against Michigan State and West Virginia coming up next.

6. Arkansas

Picked up a win against a solid Indiana team, and have soundly beaten all the teams they are supposed to so far. That will get you decently far in college basketball. Now let’s see if they can win one they’re supposed to on the road.

5. LSU

Nearly got a signature win against Florida State but fell in overtime. They do have a pair of solid wins over UNC Greensboro and Memphis though.

4. Mississippi State

Like the Hogs and LSU, they’ve done a good job taking care of the teams they’re supposed to. Their only loss is on a neutral court to Arizona State, and they just picked up a decent road win against Dayton.

3. Kentucky

The top three are all pretty close at this point. Kentucky comes in third because their loss was the biggest blowout and their list of teams they’ve beaten isn’t as impressive as the other two.

2. Tennessee

Fell to Kansas in OT, other than that they’ve beaten everyone else they’ve faced by double digits. That includes Georgia Tech by 13 and Louisville by 11.

1. Auburn

They went to Maui and went toe to toe with Duke, only losing by six, beat Xavier in OT, and cruised against Arizona. They also had a pretty good Washington team come to their place and blew the doors off them. Right now the Tigers look like the team to beat in the SEC.