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Projecting the 2019 Depth Chart: Offense

How does the offense look?

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With the news of Cole Kelley’s transfer, and the growing unlikelihood of Kelly Bryant coming to the hill, that leaves the three most likeliest options to be Ty Storey, Connor Noland, and incoming freshman KJ Jefferson. Daulton Hyatt and John Steven Jones are options but are definite long shots at best.

Most fans sound to be in favor of giving Noland the job after Storey’s tough 2018 season, but he’ll be playing baseball during the spring and that could complicate things. He could emerge as the starter at QB, or he could get a starting job with the Diamond Hogs and stick with baseball. There are a lot of unknowns there that make predicting the job for nine months out difficult.

Running Back

Rakeem Boyd/Devwah Whaley/Chase Hayden

This is the easiest group to predict on the whole team. Boyd has emerged as the most talented in the group, and Whaley is second. The question for both of them is can they remain healthy, and how will Boyd’s offseason surgery affect him. Hayden has shown nice bursts at times and will get his carries. A’Monte Spivey’s time will come in the future, but likely not in 2019 if all stay healthy.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

WR: Michael Woods/Trey Knox/Chase Harrell

WR: La’Michael Pettway/Treylon Burks/TQ Jackson

WR: Deon Stewart/Shamar Nash/Jordan Jones

TE: Cheyenne O’Grady/Hudson Henry/Austin Cantrell

There’s a ton of excitement around this upcoming class of receivers, and rightfully so, but they’ll be behind these four. At least to start the season. Woods, Pettway and O’Grady were some of the best performers on offense this year, and the freshman will all have an adjustment period to go through. Especially Burks who will be recovering from a torn ACL.

Offensive Line

LT: Colton Jackson/Noah Gatlin

LG: Austin Capps/Brady Latham

C: Ty Clary/Silas Robinson/Audry Horn

RG: Shane Clenin/Kirby Adcock/Beaux Limmer

RT: Dalton Wagner/Ryan Winkel/Dylan Rathcke

If the offensive line makes improvements next season, it’s going to be because players already in the program make major strides. And some will have to because the group was shaky to start with and is losing three starters, including a second team All-SEC pick in Hjalte Froholdt. There’s definitely plenty of time in the next nine months for players to shift around the line and for a couple more of the coaching staff’s targets to commit, but barring a major unexpected development, this is the group the Hogs will have.