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#GAFFORDWATCH: Last 2018 Mock Drafts

Butler v Arkansas Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated: 19th - Utah Jazz

Here’s what they have to say about Gafford’s stock slipping a bit.

If Gafford were to slip to this point in the draft, it would be more a referendum on the baseline value of centers (and the needs of the previous handful of teams, in this scenario) than any indictment of his talent. He’s a long, fluid athlete and provides a nice vertical spacing element at center, able to run the floor, finish above the rim and block shots. His upside isn’t massive, but as long as he continues to get stronger, he should be able to impact the game on both ends and as a rebounder. He would be a nice coup for Utah, who could use a better backup option for Rudy Gobert.

Gafford isn’t blowing the doors off right now, and in today’s shrinking NBA that requires more outside shooting and switching on the perimeter on defense, Gafford’s game is an endangered species in the NBA. The Jazz have been able to get a lot out of Rudy Gobert, a player a lot like Gafford, which could help him in the long run.

Bleacher Report: 23rd - Boston Celtics

The Celtics have stockpiled what seems like half of the first round picks in this draft. If they don’t trade any it would make a lot of sense to use those on a guy like Gafford and see what they can develop him into.

Ridiculous Upside (from SB Nation): 16th - Washington Wizards

The Wizards are in a huge state of flux this year, but if they remain a team that remains reliant on high scoring guards, Gafford’s rebounding and shot blocking could be a good compliment to that.

Tankathon: 23rd - Boston Celtics

Another mock having Gafford slip to the 20’s and going to the Celtics taking a flyer on him.

Overall Gafford’s stock is slipping a bit. Part of that is the changing NBA landscape, another part is he hasn’t developed much of a jump shot. He’s largely got the same skillset as last year. The good news for him is that he’s got a lot of SEC games to raise that stock.