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SEC Week 10 Power Rankings

You guessed it.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

14. Arkansas

Hey, a bye week means no loss this week!

13. Tennessee

14-3? Against Charlotte? Vols that was ugly after a few weeks of real promise.

12. Vanderbilt

A bye week and a move up for the Commodores. Can they take two of three from Mizzou, Ole Miss, and Tennessee for a bowl?

11. Ole Miss

Played the game they wanted to against South Carolina and couldn’t pull it out at home.

10. South Carolina

Teams 10-5 is just a random number generator at this point. They’re all about the same level and each could beat any of the others on a given day.

9. Missouri

My goodness Mizzou, I didn’t know you had that in you.

8. Texas A&M

Some one is getting paid an awful lot of money to be 5-4 right now.

7. Auburn

Man, Malzahn has turned walking the hot seat tightrope into an art.

6. Florida

Gators, what on earth was that?

5. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs took care of business against a non conference foe and benefitted most from it. Don’t worry though. They’ll get Bama next.

4. Kentucky

It’s a great year for the Wildcats, but this weekend proved they’re not quite at the level of the elite teams.

3. LSU

Turns out Joe Burrow isn’t the quarterback you need to be able to move the ball against Bama. Who could have foreseen that?

2. Georgia

Wrapped up the East with ease and is firmly the second best team in the conference.

1. Alabama