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#GAFFORDWATCH: Post-Thanksgiving Mock Drafts

We have a small sample size of games this year, where is Gafford?

Butler v Arkansas Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’re five games into the year and we’ve gotten a look at all the new one and done prospects at the collegiate level. That gives us a much clearer picture at the draft board than projecting what guys might look like. So how has that affected Gafford’s stock?

SB Nation: 15th (Boston Celtics)

Updated 11/27

Here’s what SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell had to say about him.

Gafford could have been a first round pick in the last draft as a lob catching, shot-blocking center who made a two-way impact for Arkansas. He’s raised his numbers across the board as a sophomore, putting together a signature performance against Indiana where he finished with 27 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks on 12-of-15 shooting. Expect him to be the second traditional center off the board because of Jontay Porter’s injured knee.

People have taken notice of the performance against Indiana, and if he puts up numbers like those in multiple clutch situations like he did against Indiana that stock will go up quickly.

ESPN: 15th (Detroit Pistons)

Updated 11/27

Initially this seemed like an odd fit to join a roster that already has Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin, but it could work well as the Pistons are one of the few teams that still likes to utilize a more traditional back to the basket center.

Tankathon: 19th (LA Lakers)

Updated 11/26

This is the lowest spot for Gafford right now. The reason for that is that it’s the one ranking that has Gafford as the third ranked center. He’s behind Charles Bassey, and will get the chance to match up with him when Western Kentucky comes to town.

Sports Illustrated: 14th (Houston Rockets)

Updated 11/20

Still early enough in the season to get some lottery wackiness. Don’t expect the Rockets to miss the playoffs and land in the lottery.

CBS Sports: 15th (Detroit Pistons)

Updated 11/15

Another mock with the Pistons. I suppose multiple people think he could be a very good backup to Drummond.

Average Draft Spot: 15.6

Late lottery seems to be the consensus. A slight dip from the preseason mock drafts but still Gafford is holding his position as the second highest true center behind Bol Bol.