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Gamethread: Arkansas vs. Missouri

Come finish this horrible year with us!

We’ve almost made it to the end. It’s the last game of a horrific 2018 season. Arkansas gets one last chance in AR-MO-geddon to avoid a 10 loss season, the first in school history. To do so they would need to slow down Drew Lock and a Missouri offense that currently has it humming.

If you want some good news, the Hogs are looking better on the hardwood! Coming off the win over Indiana, they followed that up by taking care of business against Montana State, a team they were supposed to cruise against. If you’re still looking for some feast week games across the SEC we still have a few, and you can find them here.

Over in the NFL, Jarius Wright is proving to be a reliable target for a Carolina team in the playoff hunt. However it’s not all good news for the Hogs who lost pitching coach Wes Johnson to the same role with the Minnesota Twins.