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Pigskin Picture: Let’s Get This Over With

That last game can’t get over with soon enough

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This season can’t get over with fast enough. All the time spent trying to talk yourself into how this team is improving, only to get stomped by Mississippi State 52-6. All the excitement surrounding recruiting, even when looking at how exciting the class is you realize the offensive linemen are the 19th, 23rd, and 24th ranked players in this list of commits (out of 24 by the way). All the thinking about how this is likely the worst season of football in Razorback history, it’s exhausting.

So mercifully, the final game of the season comes on a short week. Arkansas has one last shot to avoid their first ever double digit season ever. And playing like they have since the Tulsa win, that seems unlikely. And I’m so tired of talking about how the offense isn’t improving, how simple mistakes like lining up incorrectly in the 11th game of the season are still happening, and how the defense can only hold on for dear life for so long before breaking. No, I just want to get this last game over with and fully turn to basketball and baseball.

Yeah it’s a rebuilding year for Mike Anderson’s team, but at least they’re fun. They were competitive against Texas, and while a win against Indiana seems unlikely they’ll probably be competitive there too. They’ve made the postseason three of the last four seasons, and given a reason for Hog fans to invest in. Baseball too, their run came up shorter than fans would like but year in and year out (save for 2016), they’ve given Hog fans a reason to be excited.

This football team has done the exact opposite, and I’m tired of talking about them. So let’s finish the year, move on, and watch the Hogs play Indiana in what should be a raucous atmosphere.

And Baseball season starts in 89 days.