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Gamethread: Arkansas vs. Mississippi State

Come watch the game with us!

Two more games to go, and two more chances to get a win in the SEC. Arkansas heads to Starkville in a battle of first year coaches. Joe Moorhead had a rocky start but the Bulldogs have hit their stride with a roster people expected a lot of. The Hogs come into this one as nearly a three touchdown underdog, and as our stats preview shows, there are a lot of factors going against the Hogs in this one. Especially when the Hogs have the ball, and it’s going to be a major obstacle to overcome in this one.

If you’re the more optimistic type, take a look back at one of the Hogs wins in Starkville, where the Hogs overcame tough weather conditions and beat the Bulldogs in a tough defensive battle.

If football is too much then there’s basketball you can watch as well. There isn’t much going on this Saturday, but the Hogs headline a pretty good Sunday slate of basketball.