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Devin Bush Commits to Arkansas

Another 4-star Boom!

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We said it was a big recruiting weekend for the Hogs, and it turned out well with a big time commit. 4-star cornerback Devin Bush out of the New Orleans area made his committment public today.

The state of Louisiana has been a good spot for the Hogs in the past couple of years, some of Arkansas’ best defensive players have come from there in the past few seasons, including De’Jon Harris. Bush is a 4-star by 247Sports and is the 13th ranked player in the state.

The Hogs are up to 24 players in the class and this is one of the top defensive players in that group, and easily the top defensive player outside of the defensive line. It’s another run of good momentum for the Hogs on the recruiting trail. Despite the poor record, Morris and staff have done a good job selling the vision of their program to future recruits.