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Week 6 SEC Power Rankings

Gators back?

LSU v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

14. Arkansas

Sorry guys, but the team isn’t going to move up any spots because of a 34 point loss. Get some results these next few weeks and we’ll talk.

13. Tennessee

A bye week means we were without an “oh no vols” moment this week.

12. Vanderbilt

Against Power 5 schools, Vandy has scored 17, 14, and 13 points. That’s not gonna cut it.

11. Ole Miss

Their offense is straight flames. But the defense hasn’t done enough to justify jumping into the crowded middle pack.

10. Missouri

10-5 in the SEC are all ridiculously close and you could probably shake up all these teams in a bag and make a case for whatever comes out. 10 feels harsh for Mizzou but that South Carolina game was one they had to find a way to win.

9. Mississippi State

Just keep riding Nick Fitzgerald runs until you can’t anymore, Bulldogs.

8. South Carolina

They beat Mizzou with the full Muschamp special this weekend. Seriously go check out that box score.

7. Auburn

We know from experience. If the biggest talk around your program is how ridiculously big the coaches buyout is, that’s not good.

6. Kentucky

Benny Snell didn’t get a touch in overtime. Benny Snell probably should have gotten a touch in overtime.

5. Texas A&M

Yeah 13 was probably way too high for Kentucky but hey that’s a win over a ranked team and that gets you in the top-5.

4. LSU

No. 5 was probably flying a bit too close to the sun for this LSU team. They’ll still be just fine, and comfortably in that 10-15 range in the country.

3. Florida

So Florida is 5-1 now. They look pretty good and an upset over Georgia almost certainly would win the division for them.

2. Georgia

Sat on Vandy for a while. Broke a light sweat.

1. Alabama