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SEC Week 9 Power Rankings

After a quiet week we got some movement.

Kentucky v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

14. Arkansas

Yup. You’re gonna be here for the rest of the year now.

13. Vanderbilt

That was a huge win for Vandy’s bowl chances. Now they’ll have to go 2-1 against Ole Miss, Missouri, and Tennessee. That’s definitely doable for them.

12. Ole Miss

An off week for the Rebels. Dropped due to Tennessee’s recent upswing.

11. Tennessee

Tennessee got Muschamp’d again. Despite that, I like what they’re doing and it’s a program showing signs of life.

10. Missouri

Man Tigers, that was a brutal way to lose.

9. Auburn

Another bye, and no movement for Auburn, who will want to take that week to get things together.

8. South Carolina

4-3 for the Gamecocks now, things are looking good for another bowl appearance under Will Muschamp.

7. Mississippi State

Yes the Bulldogs just beat A&M, but I still don’t believe them to be the better team. They did however get a very good game from Nick Fitzgerald and caught A&M on a tough night for them.

6. Texas A&M

It happens in college football, go into someone else’s stadium and sometimes things just don’t go your way.

5. Florida

Lost the cocktail party and in all likelihood their shot at the East Division. Rough week for the Gators.

4. Kentucky

Managed to escape Mizzou and set up a huge matchup that will almost certainly decide the Eastern Division crown.

3. Georgia

Got the job done in a notoriously weird game. Get past Kentucky and you’ll still likely have everything you want to play for in front of you.

2. LSU

They’ve got a chance to really make things fun in the SEC. They probably won’t. But they’ll have a chance!

1. Alabama