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GAMETHREAD: Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt

Come watch the game with us!

You gotta walk before you can run. Arkansas got the chance to do that against Tulsa, now they can pick up a little speed by beating Vanderbilt. The Commodores are another team that has been offensively challenged this season, we have more on that and where the Hogs have the advantages in our preview.

Fall is in the air and that means the Fall Classic is underway. Andrew Benintendi is trying to get a World Series ring in his first try with the Red Sox and did his part in a historic debut for him.

This week’s throwback takes us all the way back to 1995 where Arkansas beat the Commodores behind the legs of Madre Hill. His 200 yards and two touchdowns led the way for the Hogs. A performance that would be welcome from any of the current Razorback running backs today. Unfortunately this game dates back to before when every game was televised, so no WARMACHINE highlights in this one. Sorry, we’re just as bummed about it.