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What We Learned From Arkansas’ Exhibition Win Over Tusculum

The new look Hogs got underway

Butler v Arkansas Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Razorback basketball season got underway without a hiccup. A 96-47 exhibition win over DII Tusculum is about as good of a win you could ask for. The game wasn’t televised (or even on radio) so there aren’t a ton of things fans saw to takeaway from, but here are a few things we learned from the exhibition.

  1. Mike Anderson Wasn’t Lying When He Said This Team Will Rely On Defense

First, the disclaimer that it was against a DII school, but 47 points is impressive and the rest of the stats are just as good as well. Tusculum shot just 27% from the field. Only one player had double figures and he was the only one to hit more than two field goals. The 2/19 Tusculum shot from 3 is going to please any Hog fan no matter the level of opponent.

2. The Turnovers Need Work

It wasn’t the fault of any one player in particular, no one had more than three, but four separate players had three and three more had two turnovers. Overall the Hogs had 20 turnovers, a number that’s way too high for any game, especially one against such inferior opposition.

3. Reggie Chaney Has A Chance to Be A Stud

13 points and 10 rebounds in 20 minutes of work? Not too shabby. Chaney took advantage of the opponent and grabbed six offensive rebounds. He also fished out a couple assists and had three steals. Personally, I was a little surprised he wasn’t in the starting lineup. If he keeps this up it won’t be long until Anderson doesn’t have a choice.