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SEC Week 8 Power Rankings

Not a ton of movement this week.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

14. Vanderbilt

That’s right we have a switch at the bottom!

13. Arkansas

Arkansas, you got a shutout and moved off the basement. Vandy only got seven points against Kentucky and drops. But the loser of this Saturday’s game is likely cemented at the bottom for the remainder of the year.

12. Tennessee

Bama did mean things to Tennessee. They do that to just about everyone but man it was ugly.

11. Ole Miss

Had a chance to really make things fun in the West and mess with Auburn and make things really uncomfortable in the buyout market. They couldn’t get the job done.

10. Missouri

Man they put up a ton of points on Memphis this weekend.

9. Auburn

They got things calmed down for at least a week. They still have A&M, Georgia, and Bama on their schedule though.

8. Mississippi State

Their offense got nothing going against LSU. Another big week for the #AlwaysRunNeverPass movement they’ve got going on.

7. South Carolina

Firmly planted in the middle of the conference. They could beat almost everyone and lose to almost everyone.

6. Kentucky

It wasn’t a pretty win over Vandy but it got the job done. Now they’ve already hit bowl eligibility!

5. Texas A&M

They had a bye week before back to back tough road trips are coming up.

4. Florida

If they beat Georgia this weekend we have some potential for some serious movement. Everyone thought the Bulldogs would run over the east but one last hurdle remains.

3. Georgia

Can they wrap up the east this weekend?

2. LSU

Took care of business after a huge win. Things are looking really good for Ed Orgeron right now.

1. Alabama