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Week 2 SEC Pick ‘Em

There are a few marquee games in the SEC this week.

Appalachian State v Georgia Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

The SEC went 12-2 in the opening weekend, for the most part we did not. Several games were called by almost all of us. Five of the six correctly called Michigan, LSU, and Vandy to blow past the spread. Most nailed Texas A&M’s cover, although probably not the way that it happened.

So what’s in store for week two? There are fewer FBS games, but some really fun ones. That and the first conference game of the year!

Arkansas Fight Week 2 Pick’em

Week 2 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
Week 2 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
Last Week: 8-2 6-4 7-3 4-6 6-4 8-2
Arkansas v TCU (-3.0) TCU -3.0 Ark +3.0 Ark +3.0 TCU -3.0 Ark +3.0 Ark +3.0 Ark +3.0
Auburn at Clemson (-5.5) Aub +5.5 Aub +5.5 Clem -5.5 Aub +5.5 Aub +5.5 Clem -5.5 Clem -5.5
Missouri (-2.5) v South Carolina S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5 S Car +2.5
Georgia at Notre Dame (-4.5) UGA +4.5 ND -4.5 UGA +4.5 ND -4.5 ND -4.5 ND -4.5 ND -4.5
Miss State (-7.0) at Louisiana Tech Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0 Miss St -7.0
Alabama (-44.0) v Fresno St Bama -44.0 Bama -44.0 Bama -44.0 Fresno +44.0 Bama -44.0 Fresno +44.0 Fresno +44.0

Arkansas v TCU (-3.0)

Eric Harris: TCU is much improved from last year, and I don’t have enough confidence in the defense just yet.

Robert Boyd: This is why you shouldn't pick games where you have too much invested emotionally.

Jamie Pilote: Am I a bad contributor if I don’t think we cover this week?

Adam Peterson: I have an inkling that we're going to look really good against TCU and wear out their jumbos on the O-Line. We cover the spread by at least 10.

Derek Oxford: I've got Hogs by 4.

Auburn at Clemson (-5.5)

Derek Oxford: I really like what I saw out of Auburn's defense against Georgia Southern. This game will come down to a FG.

Adam Peterson: This should be a game that lets us know just how good Auburn is going to be this year. Just because the Gus Bus needs a flat tire before we play them, I'm going with Clemson winning and covering.

Jamie Pilote: I’m not sure they can win, but I think they’ll hang close here.

Missouri (-2.5) v South Carolina

Derek Oxford: If it's not Austin, Jake Bentley may be the best quarterback in the SEC, especially with Eason going down for Georgia.

Adam Peterson: Even though Missouri scored like an NBA team last week, I refuse to believe they're any good. I think South Carolina can expose the absent Missouri defense and take the win.

Eric Harris: I don’t think South Carolina is as good as some people are hyping them up to be after the opener. With that said they still top Mizzou.

Georgia at Notre Dame (-4.5)

Jamie Pilote: Losing your QB this early is dynamite for a team, especially on the road at a place like ND.

Robert Boyd: Freshman QB Fromm did well in their opener against Appalachian State, but Notre Dame is not App State.

Eric Harris: Georgia has no business going into South Bend with a backup QB and winning. Which means of course they will win.

Mississippi State (-7.0) at Louisiana Tech

Derek Oxford: Easy cover here for Nick Fitzgerald & Co.

Robert Boyd: The line on this game is swinging more and more towards the Bulldogs from Mississippi. Defense is going to be the big difference in this game.

Adam Peterson: Mississippi State might not have many wins this season, but I think this will be one of the few.

Alabama (-44.0) v Fresno State

Jamie Pilote: It won’t be close, but 44 is a big number and Bama had been looking at week 1 vs. FSU all preseason. Not sure they’re interested in showing much in this game.

Robert Boyd: 44 points is a lot. Can't forget that Chattanooga only lost by 28 points to the Tide in 2016.

Eric Harris: Good lord 44 points is so many. Bama wins 56-10 because Fresno is still really bad.