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Arkansas vs FAMU Final Grades

Who made the grade against FAMU?

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback (Allen Only)

Passing Accuracy: C

Awareness: A

Decision Making: C

Clutch: A

Overall: B

Not the most impressive outing for Austin Allen, but when it was time to move the chains he was able to make tough throws under pressure. Rust, maybe. But the new crew at WR will take some time to get on the same page in live action.

On the INT Allen is hit while throwing when by the defensive end from the edge. He tries to step up into the pocket but may have been too deep in the pocket? Sure gives a better angle to the corner with such a deep drop.

Running Back (Group)

Ball Security: A+

Run Success Rate: B

YDS After Contact: A

Passing Game: D

Overall: B

The RB group improved on the sluggish efficiency that hampered the team late last season. Whaley put in some reps with his usual north south running style paired with a carbon copy look from David Williams. The most intriguing plays were made by Chase Hayden who appears to have more dynamic characterstics in the run game and can turn a 10 yarder into 20 and hopefully as the season progresses show the break away big play potential that this offense demands.

Power G with Freshmen RG Clary pulling, and Cantrell sealing the DE. This play should be money in the bank.

Tight Ends

Run/Pass Blocking: A

Routes: B

Catch Rate: A

Overall: A

A solid start to the season for the TE’s with Cantrell, and OGrady making plays in the passing game. Cantrell seems to have developed in the run blocking game to another level which opens up a few more tricks when he’s in the game. Last season it was more predictable with Sprinkle, Cantrell and Kraus in the rotation and their skill sets.

Wide Receiver

Catch Rate: D

Run After Catch: B

Blocking: C

Routes: B

Overall: C

Too many drops, not very solid in downfield blocking in the run game. That is a factor that may be overlooked in Hatcher’s departure. He was a very formidable blocker downfield and from a motion position inside. Jonathan Nance 3 catches and 1 run for 12 yards were high points for the newcomers, but someone must emerge as the go to guy behind Cornelius. (Deon Stewart?)

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: C

Pass Pro: D

Short Yardage: D

Overall: D

Major questions at LT and RG coming out of Week 1. Can Colton Jackson pick up the multitude of blitz and pressure packages from the TCU 4-2-5? True Freshman RG Ty Clary jumped into the fire with both feet, but will we see any missed assignments in week 2. His mobility in the run game paired with Ragnow and Froholdt open up more possibilities than last season’s squad.

Defensive Line

Pass Rush: B

Gap integrity: B

Contain: B

Overall: B

At Nose Bijhon Jackson played sound and stuffed several runs that someone else received credit for on the stat line. He was also able to stay on the field longer than last season, and that will be key rolling down the schedule. Capps behind Jackson is a definite drop off in strength and power at the point of attack. On the edges Agim and TJ Smith made the undersized and under outgunned FAMU oline look silly at time, and the alignment of the 3-4 allowed them more freedom in pass rush sets.


Run Fit: A

Play Diagnosis: A

Coverage: B

Overall: A

Dre Greenlaw was solid as usual in his return from injury, and the LB group as a whole looked very different from a year ago. Scoota Harris reacted much quicker in play diagnosis and met several ball carriers at the LOS or behind. Give credit to the switch to a 3-4 and less sideline to sideline responsibility as a Mike LB, or maybe just another full year of experience resulted in a better performance. Randy Ramsey and Dwayne Eugene on the outside at Hog and Razor made some big plays and confused the FAMU defense. Paul Rhoads has to be excited to draw up some more games on the edge with those two positions for the gameplan in Week 2.

Defensive Back

Run Fit: B

Open Field Tackling: B

Coverage: B

Overall: B

Minus Ryan Pulley for the remainder of the season will hurt, but the underneath coverage looked better in Week 1. A significant part of that can be attributed to the dropping 3-4 backers, which against a weak rushing attack like FAMU is a little easier to get out. When they line up against some better rushing games, the OLBs will be asked to hold in longer to play run and will not be able to get into those drops. Open field tackling looked better, coverage was much the same with quarters and some Robber.

Nothing flashy, in front of a disappointing crowd. They ran through FAMU, but lost their best cornerback in the process, which was as demoralizing as the empty seats in War Memorial. TCU will be another four (or five) quarter battle in week two.