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GAMETHREAD: New Mexico State (2-2) vs. Arkansas (1-2)

Come watch the game with us!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's another early kickoff and the Hogs are playing the Aggies again. Don't worry it's the New Mexico State Aggies not the Texas A&M ones. Arkansas looks to get back to winning ways back in their normal stadium with their normal uniforms and get to 2-2 before a stretch of four straight conference games.

Here is all the info you need about how to watch or listen to the game.

Don't know much about New Mexico State? We've got you covered. It will be an interesting game that could test the Hogs in a few ways. The Aggies have surprised this year (relatively) and have a good pass rush but have struggled against the run this year. Expect Arkansas to try and take advantage of that.

Keep an eye on the offensive line throughout the game. We broke down what exactly happened against Texas A&M, and how different combinations of linemen worked for the offense.

And if you're wondering what else is happening in the SEC check out our picks for the week.

Woo Pig!