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SEC Week 5 Pick ‘em

Some big point spreads make for a difficult week.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Some bigger than expected spreads make for a tricky week. Ole Miss, who has given Alabama all they can handle in the past few years, is a 28-point underdog. This Ole Miss team is no where at the level of those teams but there still has to be some confidence in Oxford to at least keep it close. Two possession spreads in Gainesville and Auburn are also much more tricky than they initially seem.

Arkansas Fight Week 5 Pick ‘em

WEEK 5 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
WEEK 5 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
LAST WEEK 6-1 2-5 4-3 4-3 4-3 2-5 3-4
OVERALL 21-9-1 14-16-1 16-14-1 17-13-1 13-17-1 17-13-1 10-10-2001
Arkansas (-17.0) vs NM State Ark -17.0 Ark -17.0 Ark -17.0 Ark -17.0 Ark -17.0 Ark -17.0 NMST +17.0
Vanderbilt at Florida (-10.0) Vandy +10.0 Vandy +10.0 Vandy +10.0 UF -10.0 UF -10.0 Vandy +10.0 UF -10.0
Georgia (-7.5) at Tennessee Tenn +7.5 UGA -7.5 UGA -7.5 UGA -7.5 UGA -7.5 UGA -7.5 UGA -7.5
Kentucky (-14.5) vs E Michigan UK -14.5 UK -14.5 EMU +14.5 EMU +14.5 UK -14.5 UK -14.5 EMU +14.5
Miss State at Auburn (-9.0) Auburn -9.0 Miss St +9.0 Auburn -9.0 Miss St +9.0 Miss St +9.0 Auburn -9.0 Miss St +9.0
LSU (-21.0) vs Troy LSU -21.0 LSU -21.0 LSU -21.0 Troy +21.0 Troy +21.0 LSU -21.0 LSU -21.0
South Carolina at Texas A&M (-8.0) TAMU -8.0 SC +8.0 TAMU -8.0 SC +8.0 TAMU -8.0 TAMU -8.0 TAMU -8.0
Ole Miss at Alabama (-28.0) OM +28.0 OM +28.0 Bama -28.0 OM +28.0 Bama -28.0 Bama -28.0 OM +28.0

Arkansas (-17.0) vs NM State

Jamie: Arkansas. I think they’re ready to take out some frustrations

Derek: Hogs will cover, but barely.

Eric: Aggies get an early score, fans will panic, Arkansas still wins by three scores.

Vanderbilt at Florida (-10.0)

Robert: Florida hasn't beaten a team by 10 all season. Last season, the game was within 7!

Adam P: Vanderbilt. Alabama turned the smart kids into men last week.

Eric: Florida’s offense plus Vandy’s defense is going to make for some ugly football.

Georgia (-7.5) at Tennessee

Robert: I'm scared to not pick Tennessee to lose this one in some kind of crazy river adventure with all kinds of ups and downs and a last second field goal block to send to overtime and lose anyway, but Georgia has just been ridiculous in the month of September and I can't pick against them.

Jamie: Give me ALL the UGA here.

Eric: This game just screams some stupid fourth quarter shenanigans. I think Georgia wins but by less than a touchdown.

Kentucky (-14.5) vs E Michigan

Derek: Stoops' troops get back on track.

Jamie: EMU. Hangover game.

Eric: EMU almost lost to Rutgers. Next.

Miss State at Auburn (-9.0)

Derek: This is a FG game either way.

Adam P: Auburn. The Gus Bus must roll on.

Robert: Kerryon Johnson too big too scary.

LSU (-21.0) vs Troy

Adam P: LSU. I want to understand what Orgeron says so bad.

Jamie: Troy. They’ve got problems and this is a big number.

Robert: This will follow the normal LSU non-conference format.

South Carolina at Texas A&M (-8.0)

Robert: I can't pick the Gamecocks after they almost blew a game to Louisiana Tech.

Jamie: SC but again, only because of the points.

Derek: Aggies too talented to sleepwalk again.

Ole Miss at Alabama (-28.0)

Derek: Tide will roll.

Adam P: Alabama. Ugh, this is the hardest one, but give me the Tide.

Eric: Ole Miss keeps things interesting for at least a quarter. Maybe a half. That’s enough to keep Bama from covering.