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Reasons to Hate: Texas A&M

Finally time for some more familiar hatin’

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

1. Tradition

You’ve heard all about the Aggies and their insane amount of traditions. Have you ever looked at the Wikipedia page for them? It’s insane! How is a normal person supposed to keep up with all of this? The one that gets me the most is the tradition titled “Howdy”

Many incoming students at Texas A&M choose to attend the campus because they feel that the students are friendlier than those at other universities.[6] This perception is created partly by the Aggie tradition "Howdy", the official greeting of Texas A&M University. Students are encouraged to greet everyone they pass on campus with a smile and a howdy.[5] Howdy is the preferred method for a speaker to get a large group's attention, as the members of the group are expected to return the "Howdy" back to the speaker.[12]

First, this was so clearly written by an A&M alum its incredible.

Second, no. I do not want everyone who passes by me to tell me howdy. Nor am I going to return a “howdy” back to you. This isn’t the wild west, no one is going to rob the bank and ride out of town. We’re not going to rescue anyone from being tied to the railroad tracks. It’s not happening.

2. Those Weird Chants

I mean look at this.

NCAA Football: Nicholls State at Texas A&M John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve got to do this after a 24-14 game against Nicholls? No one in this line is having fun. Especially not my dude here on the left who is currently being pulled in both directions.

And you also all had to get together at midnight the night before to think of what to yell? No sir. I will take my drunken yelling at Jerry World completely at the mercy of whatever that $20 Cowboy-rita says to yell.

3. Christian Kirk

He’s still here? What do you mean he’s only a junior?

Arkansas did a decent job keeping him in check in 2016, but my goodness did he ever go nuts in 2015. Against the Hogs he has 11 catches for 198 yards and three touchdowns. That’s not even accounting for his kick return abilities. I hate you Christian Kirk and your incredible playmaking abilities.

4. Tony Buzbee

If you want an unlikable face then ho boy do we have the Aggie for you. Immediately after Texas A&M’s loss to UCLA he posted a note on Facebook saying he will recommend firing Kevin Sumlin.

A week later he made the news again for doing this.


You gotta be kidding me. This dude is so clearly out of touch due to his enormous wealth. Sure calling for your coaches job is nothing new, but then doubling down and getting a tank is just some incredible unlikable rich guy move. Who knows what he will rage buy if the Hogs get it together and end this streak?

5. Southwest Conference Part 2

Part one of southwest conference hatin’ didn’t go very well. So we have to really dig deep to get the best of an old SWC rival. That means pulling out all the stops and dressing like the Dallas Cowboys as much as we can. We can’t go 0-2 against SWC foes. So dig deep and find that deeply recessed old fashioned hate.