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Hogs Get Some Cowboys Style Jerseys for Game in Dallas

The Arkansas Cowbo-er-Razorbacks will take the field in these this Saturday.

Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department

It’s no secret how much Arkansas and Jerry Jones enjoy working together, this weekend it gets taken up a whole bunch this weekend while the Hogs play Texas A&M in AT&T Stadium.

So are they the Dallas Razorbacks?

The Arkansas Cowboys?

The Dallansas Razorboys?

That’s right Arkansas will be wearing some exact replicas of the Cowboys’ unis. Just with a familiar color scheme and logo on the helmet. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Hogs are going to try and get some good vibes going in the Cowboys’ Stadium by looking like them.

New Helmets

Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department

I think this is the first Arkansas has worn a grey/silver helmet? It’s complete with with some Dallas style striping. The biggest difference is the white logo instead of the colorful star. Personally I think this departure from an exact copy of the Dallas uniform is a good choice. The decal is a good look.

The Jersey

Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department

A pretty solid look-a-like job here. They’re modeling the look after the Cowboys blue look, which has the small text above the numbers and the differing sleeve stripe. The Cowboys, who primarily wear white, have some subtle differences to those than the blues.

Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department

Arkansas hasn’t used grey much, if at all, in the color scheme historically but it’s a pretty welcome addition. At least for this one off jersey.

The Pants

Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic Department


But again, when you’re going for the replica look it’s what you’ve got to do. Plus the grey/red combo looks pretty good.

Arkansas under Bret Bielema has traditionally gotten one game a year with special uniforms. Last year their best performance of the season came in the all anthracite look against Florida. In 2015, it was the chrome helmets in the bowl game against Kansas State. Some 1964 throwbacks were in order for the game against Alabama. In 2013 the Hogs again went anthracite against Mississippi State.

What do you think of the new unis? Do they look too much like Ohio State jerseys? Are you a Cowboys fan getting in line to buy a jersey? It certainly is unique. I can’t think of a time a team purposefully paid homage to another team in this way.