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SEC Week 2 Power Rankings: East Rising?

Is the Eastern Division improving or is it a mirage?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia had the most impressive win of week 2. South Carolina had the second best win. Both teams went on the road and made their presence known. That leads to an interesting question, just how much better has the eastern division? Are they really on the come up or is this just some early season fools gold?

Looking at the overall body of work, the East won’t be the laughing stock they were last year. Are they close to the West? Absolutely not, but the gap has closed some.

14. Missouri (Last Week: 14)

Missouri was the first team to fire someone on their staff in the SEC. An indication of where the team is right now, and it’s not positive. Giving up a combined 74 to Missouri State and South Carolina means things need to get fixed fast.

13. Kentucky (Last Week: 13)

Yeah Kentucky, you may be 2-0, but getting past Southern Miss and Eastern Kentucky by single digits in both games isn’t going to get you very far.

12. Texas A&M (Last Week: 9)

Are we going to see Texas A&M really start swinging with their backs against the wall? A 10 point win over Nicholls State won’t ease any of the anxiety happening in College Station. They’ve got to figure out what they’re doing at QB or all that talent at the skill positions won’t mean much.

11. Vanderbilt (Last Week: 12)

Giving up a combined six points in two games is great, ‘Dores. Now let’s see if you can do it against a team with a pulse.

10. Ole Miss (Last Week: 10)

I’ve still got Ole Miss down for a wacky upset of someone this year. Despite all the turmoil going on with the program Shea Patterson can still sling it. Plus sending the Rebels off to #Pac12AfterDark makes for must see TV.

9. Arkansas (Last Week: 7)

Hopefully this loss ends up saying more about TCU’s strengths than Arkansas. The issues with the Hogs are glaringly obvious now. It’s early but we’ll see if anything changes during the bye week.

8. Mississippi State (Last Week: 11)

They’ve played nobody, but looked really good beating nobody. They even forced a 3rd and 93 in the process. That alone gets you a bump.

7. Florida (Last Week: 5)

Florida didn’t play last weekend due to Irma. I doubt the week off did anything to help their QB situation.

6. South Carolina (Last Week: 8)

South Carolina followed up the NC State win with a big time road performance. Does this mean they’re good? They could be 2-0 in conference after this weekend, albeit against the two bottom teams on this list, but the Gamecocks are having a dream start thus far.

5. Tennessee (Last Week: 6)

The Vols followed the season opening thriller by doing what you should against an FCS opponent. They can really make a statement by going into the Swamp and pulling out a win.

4. Auburn (Last Week: 2)

A loss to Clemson isn’t that bad reall-oh Jared Stidham just got sacked again.

3. Georgia (Last Week: 4)

The Bulldogs went and took over South Bend of a weekend. Now they look like the team to beat in the West. If they can clean up the penalty issues, they’re the clear favorite to make a trip to face Alabama in Atlanta this December.

2. LSU (Last Week: 3)

Two strong performances against overmatched teams. And now Arden Key is coming back? Things are looking pretty good for Coach O and his team at the moment.

1.Alabama (Last Week: 1)

Yep. Still here.