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GAMETHREAD: Florida A&M (1-0) at Arkansas (0-0)

Come watch the game with us!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas football is back! The Hogs take on the Rattlers of Florida A&M in the Rock. It's the first time in a while Arkansas has opened in Little Rock, as well as one of the first games on a Thursday in a while. So there is some novelty in this game.

All the info on how to watch, who is calling the game, and anything else you might need can be found here.

What do our staff of writers think about this game and the upcoming season? We'll you're in luck, there is a round table with all of that.

If you don't know much about Florida A&M, we don't blame you, but you can look at our scouting report, plus learn some things that we're keeping an eye on tonight.

Want some SEC power rankings? We've got those too.

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Woo pig.