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Grading Former Hogs’ Players Weekend Nicknames

Who’s got the best nickname?

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If the glow of college football approaching has been too bright you might have missed that MLB’s players weekend going on right now. If you flipped over to, say a Yankees game and wondered “why on earth does some dude have A-A-Ron on his jersey?” well the MLB put out special jerseys with players having the option to put a nickname on the jersey.

It’s a pretty cool and fun idea so we wanted to take a look at the former Hogs and see what they put on their jerseys.

Andrew Benintendi - Benny

Simple and effective. Benny Baseball would have been outstanding, although some people have tried to make Benny Biceps a thing as well. Either would have been more fun.

Grade: B-

Logan Forsythe - Logie Bear

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I don’t know how Forsythe got this nickname but I love it. The Dodgers have been having more fun than everyone all year and this name is one of many great ones on the team.

Grade: A-

Craig Gentry - Gent

Haven’t found a picture of Gentry in his, but this is uninspiring. Show some creativity man. You’ve got one weekend for this, take advantage.

Grade - D

Dallas Keuchel - Keuchel

Oh come on Dallas. Kid Keuchy is right there! It’s your twitter handle! Sigh. Next.

Grade - F

Matt Reynolds - Rey Rey

That’s better.

Grade - B+

Blake Parker - B-Easy

Parker gets some points for having a nickname. But it reminds me of G-Eazy, and G-Eazy is lame.

Grade - C-

James McCann - McCannon

Oh hell yes, that’s what I’m taking about. We get a good pun with for a nickname. Which is always the best way to go about making a nickname.

Grade A+++