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Arkansas Conference Schedule Released

What Hog games are you most excited about?

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Just a couple days after finalizing the non-conference slate, we now have the full schedule. The SEC Released who each team would play a while ago but the sequence of games means a great deal for teams. This season the conference slate is a lot more forgiving than last season.

Last year the Hogs had a very tough start to the SEC season and had an uphill climb as a result. This year the Hogs start at home against Tennessee, at Miss State, at Auburn then back to back home games against LSU and Missouri. Mizzou is the only team in that group I would expect to finish in the top half of the conference due to the monster recruiting class and new coaching staff.

To counter that the end of the schedule is tough. The last four regular season games are home against Kentucky, at Alabama, senior day against Auburn, and a road trip to Missouri.

Now that we know the schedule, we can form some more realistic opinions on how the season will go. For non-conference play, let’s go with 10-3. If Arkansas gets through that first stretch well, they’ll be in good shape for the meat of the schedule. At first glance, anywhere between 10-8 to 12-6 is probably for conference play. 20-11 with Arkansas’ schedule most likely does enough to make the NCAA Tournament. 22-9 certainly does. With this tough schedule comes a challenge to make the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row, but with all the talk from the program it sounds like that is the expectation.

Full Arkansas Basketball Schedule

  • Nov. 10th vs Samford
  • Nov. 12th vs Bucknell
  • Nov. 17th vs Fresno State
  • Nov. 23rd vs Oklahoma (PK80 in Portland)
  • Nov. 24th vs North Carolina/Portland (PK80 in Portland)
  • Nov. 26th vs UConn/Michigan St/Oregon/DePaul
  • Dec. 2nd at Houston
  • Dec. 5th vs Colorado State
  • Dec. 9th vs Minnesota
  • Dec. 16th vs Troy (In Little Rock)
  • Dec. 19th vs Oral Roberts
  • Dec. 27th vs CSU Bakersfield
  • Dec. 30th vs Tennessee
  • Jan. 2nd at Mississippi State
  • Jan. 6th at Auburn
  • Jan. 10th vs LSU
  • Jan. 13th vs Missouri
  • Jan. 17th at Florida
  • Jan. 20th vs Ole Miss
  • Jan. 23rd at Georgia
  • Jan. 27th vs Oklahoma State
  • Jan. 30th at Texas A&M
  • Feb. 3rd at LSU
  • Feb. 6th vs South Carolina
  • Feb. 10th vs Vanderbilt
  • Feb. 13th at Ole Miss
  • Feb. 17th vs Texas A&M
  • Feb. 20th vs Kentucky
  • Feb. 24th at Alabama
  • Feb. 27th vs Auburn
  • Mar. 3rd at Missouri