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Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Arkansas Having Just Two Preseason All-SEC Picks

The lack of picks may have you worried, but you shouldn’t be.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Allen and Frank Ragnow are the only two Preseason All-SEC picks from the media. That’s fewer than the past few years, as Arkansas has averaged five players chosen in the past three years. Despite that there is no need to panic. No need to feel snubbed or that Arkansas doesn’t have the talent to matchup with the SEC this year. There are plenty of good reasons why this is the case. Here are a few of them.

1. Teams have had success with few All-SEC Picks

You obviously want to have the All-SEC guys on your team. It’s nice to know a bunch of media get together and think highly of your players. You get to retweet a bunch of cool graphics sent out by the athletic department. But not getting a lot of players selected doesn’t mean your team won’t be successful. In 2016, five different teams had three or fewer preseason All-SEC picks, four of them made it to a bowl game. In 2015, Florida had just three picks and won 10 games.

It’s not like Arkansas is short on talent either. For various reasons, the Hogs have excellent players who just didn’t make the list. McTelvin Agim would likely be on the list if defensive line wasn’t always such a stacked position in the SEC. Dre Greenlaw hasn’t been healthy enough to earn a selection. Rawleigh Williams certainly would have been selected and I have the suspicion that Devwah Whaley will be right up there with the best when it’s time to pick postseason All-SEC.

2. Alabama is hogging all the spots

Alabama is used to having tons of preseason hype, but even this year exceeds their lofty standards. They set a record with 10 making the first team alone. The sixteen total selections easily exceeds the most in the past four years. And for everyone else that’s just basic math, more spots for Bama means less for everyone else. Over half the SEC has fewer picks than they’ve averaged from 2014-2016.

3. They’re preseason picks and no one knows what they’re talking about

Don’t get wrapped up in preseason picks. It’s summer. Go outside and have fun. Love yourself.