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Someone Actually Voted For Arkansas To Win the SEC

Yes, really!

Mississippi v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The closing of SEC Media Days means the annual preseason poll. Because there’s nothing better than getting a bunch of media together and having them all guess what will happen in the upcoming season.

Here is the official tally. The Hogs finished fourth in the SEC West which sound about right.

But wait a second.

Is that a 1 beside Arkansas’ name? Someone picked the Hogs to win the whole dang SEC? Yes, over Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, all of them. I guess crazier things could happen, but Arkansas’ most direct path to Atlanta includes beating Bama. In Tuscaloosa. I’d love to see a world where this plays out but surely even the biggest optimists can’t reasonably expect the Hogs to take down Alabama this year.

Aside from the rogue vote, there is a pretty clear hierarchy in the West. Alabama is the top of the food chain and overwhelmingly got the most first place votes. Auburn and LSU are battling it out for 2nd. Then the Hogs, Aggies, and Bulldogs are in the third tier. Ole Miss and all of their off field drama has them pretty soundly at the bottom of the division. This seems pretty fair. Arkansas, A&M, and Mississippi State all have their strengths and flaws and could all beat each other on a given day. Ole Miss has all of their drama but I wouldn’t sleep on them just yet, but I guess someone has to finish last in the West.

Over in the East, Georgia edged out Florida as the favorite there. Tennessee is third despite South Carolina getting a couple more first place votes. Then there are pretty clear gaps for putting Kentucky fifth, Vanderbilt sixth, and Missouri bringing up the rear. Another interesting oddity is the picks for overall SEC Champion. Perhaps even more surprising than the Arkansas pick, is the one that Vandy got. Yet no one picked Vandy to win the East, meaning someone voting got things woefully wrong. Or just wanted to show the absurdity of preseason polls.