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Arkansas Razorbacks News: SEC Tournament Edition

Plus more on Arkansas’ trip to Fort Collins.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas is a step closer to finding out their next opponent after Missouri got an overtime buzzer beater to knock out Auburn in the best #WednesdayNightSadness game ever. Interestingly enough, as pointed out in this article, Arkansas’ matchup against either Ole Miss or Missouri will be the first in the SEC Tournament. It also goes more in depth about the path Arkansas took to get to the 3-seed in the tournament and on the right side of the bubble without the most spectacular resume.

Mike Anderson has told anyone who will listen about how much he likes the depth of his team. Now that we’re in March the adage of “teamwork makes the dream work” is especially true for the Hogs. More about how they have been able to share the wealth scoring here. Six different players have led the team in scoring at some point in the season. During tournament play that could be a strength for the Hogs rather than relying on a single player day in and day out.

By now you’ve probably seen the news that Arkansas will be heading to Fort Collins to play Colorado State in 2018. Regardless of how you feel about going on the road to play a MWC team or how successful Jeff Long was in finding an opponent after Michigan backed out of the previous deal, this is a better trip than you might initially think. For one the game will be in the Rams’ new 40,000-seat stadium that looks gorgeous. Those who have made the trip say that Fort Collins is a very underrated area as well, making this a good trip for Hog fans to go to an area they won’t normally see.

Some more bad injury news for the Razorback baseball team. Isaiah Campbell was expected to contribute this year for the pitching staff, but missed the beginning of the season due to a sore arm. It was confirmed today that both he and Cody Scroggins are out for the season. Ouch.