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SEC Pick’em Final Standings (Plus Join Our Bowl Mania!)

Congrats to Adam, our college football champion.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While Arkansas wasn’t winning on the football season, our writers were! After the last week of the season, we can wrap up the SEC Pick’em standings (that admittedly were delayed due to multiple high profile searches.).

Here are the final standings!

Adam P: 54-38-3 (58.7%)

Cody: 47-35-3 (57.3%)

Eric: 51-41-3 (55.4%)

Jamie: 49-43-3 (53.3%)

Derek: 48-44-4 (52.2%)

Josh: 47-45-3 (51.1%)

Yes everyone finished with more wins, we would’ve come out on top at Vegas, but Adam was top of the pack this year. One of the few to call the Iron Bowl upset, Georgia beating Notre Dame, and realizing to go nowhere near the Hogs’ spreads earlier than the rest of us.

What does Adam win for his picks? Well nothing. But he gets bragging rights, and I suppose he can print out a pic of the college football playoff trophy and cover up the plaque and put Pick’em Champ. It’s up to him really.

Think you can do better than us? Now’s you’re chance. We’ve opened up a bowl mania group on ESPN! Just search for “Arkansas Fight Bowl Mania” or follow the link here, join, and make your picks! It’s free, anyone can join and you get to prove you’re smarter than us. What have you got to lose?