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Recap: TJ Hammonds Turns Hilariously Bad Loss Into Hilariously Bad Win

Because this team hates you specifically.

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas nearly had the worst loss in the SEC this year. They tried to give it away, but TJ Hammonds got the exact number of carries to eek out a 39-38 win over Coastal Carolina. Hammonds finished with seven carries, 119 yards, and a Touchdown on the ground. He also had a 60-yard touchdown on a screen pass.

For the first few drives of the game, neither offense felt much resistance. Arkansas opened with a seven play, 68 yard drive that ended in a Devwah Whaley touchdown. Coastal answered with a 14-play, 75 yard touchdown drive that was aided by a roughing the passer call. Coastal took the lead on a drive that was again aided by a roughing the passer call. This one included a targeting call on McTelvin Agim so the Hogs played the majority of the game without him. TJ Hammonds tied the game after he showed everyone how fast he was on a 60-yard screen.

In the first half the two teams combined for 449 total yards. The half ended with an incredibly wild Hail Mary where Kelley’s pass was tipped by a Coastal defender, then hit in the air by Jonathan Nance who hauled it in but his knee hit the ground about a yard short of the goal line.

After an outstanding first half performance, Coastal Carolina’s starting quarterback Tyler Keane, was out for the rest of the game with an injury. It didn’t matter because backup Kilton Anderson drove down the field and gave Coastal a 21-17 lead. Then a backwards pass led to a scoop and score for Coastal and whoopsie its 28-17 now.

Arkansas pulled within three but couldn’t get the stops they needed. It was a very entertaining show of futility. At one point there was a six yard punt and Coastal scored to make it 38-25.

TJ Hammonds did TJ Hammonds things again when things felt out of reach. Arkansas held on for dear life and got a stop to set up the drive that Kelley finished with a touchdown run to put the Hogs up 39-38. Arkansas then forced a turnover on downs that iced the game.

If you we’re expecting a game where the Hogs handled a lesser team, I don’t know what to tell you at this point. Arkansas has proven they don’t have the talent or coaching to go out and handle anyone in FBS. This team really isn’t capable of getting to a point where they can throw on cruise control and coast to a win.

With three games to go, all of the teams Arkansas has left have shown they are beatable, and also capable of handily beating the Hogs. This game proved that Arkansas will probably do whatever will frustrate you most. So if you want to see Arkansas finish strong and make a bowl (they definitely won’t), or if you would rather just throw in the towel and gear up for a coaching search, know that this Arkansas team will likely find a way to make both parties unhappy. That’s what this team specializes in.