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SEC Week 11 Pick’em

Missouri is favored by how much??

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a weird year in the SEC. Missouri has gone from being dead in the water to being a double digit favorite against Tennessee. Elsewhere we have a couple of close spreads. One in a huge game between Georgia and Auburn. One, um, less huge game between Kentucky and Vanderbilt. All that plus can Arkansas cover this huge spread?

Arkansas Fight Week 11 Pick’em

WEEK 11 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
WEEK 11 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
Last Week 3-5-1 3-5-1 2-6-1 3-5-1 4-4-1 5-3-1
Overall 38-31-3 32-37-3 38-31-3 36-33-3 34-35-3 31-28-3
Arkansas at LSU (-17.0) LSU -17.0 Ark -17.0 LSU -17.0 Ark +17.0 LSU -17.0 LSU -17.0
Ole Miss (-20.0) vs UL-Lafayette ULL +20.0 OM -20.5 ULL +20.0 ULL +20.0 OM -20.5 ULL +20.0
Florida at S Carolina (-5.5) S Car -5.5 S Car -5.5 S Car -5.5 S Car -5.5 S Car -5.5 S Car -5.5
Georgia (-2.5) at Auburn Georgia -2.5 Aub +2.5 Georgia -2.5 Aub +2.5 Georgia -2.5 Georgia -2.5
Kentucky at Vanderbilt (-2.5) Vandy -2.5 UK +2.5 Vandy -2.5 Vandy -2.5 Vandy -2.5 UK +2.5
Texas A&M (-18.5) at New Mexico TAMU -18.5 TAMU -18.5 TAMU -18.5 TAMU -18.5 TAMU -18.5 TAMU -18.5
Alabama (-14.0) at Miss State Bama -14.0 Bama -14.0 Bama -14.0 Miss St +14.0 Bama -14.0 Bama -14.0
Tennessee at Mizzou (-12.5) Tenn +12.5 Mizzou -12.5 Mizzou +12.5 Tenn +12.5 Mizzou -12.5 Mizzou -12.5

Arkansas at LSU (-17.0)

Jamie: Arkansas but LSU wins. 3 touches by TJ can only carry a team so far.

Adam P: LSU - See Coastal Carolina game. Oh, and all the ones before it.

Derek: Betting on the Hogs is degenerate behavior this year.

Eric: Yeah no. 17 points isn’t happening for the Hogs.

Ole Miss (-20.0) vs UL-Lafayette

Adam P: ULL - That's a big spread for the Black Bears.

Eric: That’s a lot of points for Ole Miss. Too many points.

Florida at South Carolina (-5.5)

Derek: Muschamp will be out for blood in this one.

Jamie: USC. I mean, Florida got bruised by Mizzou last week...

Georgia (-2.5) at Auburn

Jamie: Calling the Auburn upset here. *I’m probably wrong

Derek: What a college football Saturday. I think the Dawgs win it by a touchdown thanks to Fromm.

Adam P: I can see Auburn winning this game, but I think the Bulldogs get it done. Barely.

Kentucky at Vanderbilt (-2.5)

Adam P: Vanderbilt - Kentucky fans have moved on to basketball....even though they never left.

Eric: This game might be the toughest to pick just cause I don’t trust either team at all. Vandy I guess.

Texas A&M (-18.5) vs New Mexico

Jamie: A&M because I just asked my wife* and she said “sure” *she’s not a football fan.

Derek: The Kevin Sumlin era is likely in its final weeks.

Alabama (-14.0) vs Miss State

Adam P: Alabama has looked a little vulnerable at times, but still beats teams handily. Should do just enough to cover the spread again.

Derek: The boa constrictor will suffocate Dan Mullen's Bulldogs.

Tennessee at Missouri (-12.5)

Jamie: Tennessee. They can’t be this bad, right?

Derek: I was only person to pick Mizzou cover last week, and the Vols are bad. Go with surging Tigers.