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Reasons To Hate: South Carolina


NCAA Football: South Carolina at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Are you already tired of hearing that damn techno song yet? Cause it’s going to be playing all the time. You’re not tired of it yet? Oh that’s fine because here is A WHOLE HOUR OF SANDSTORM.

Their dedication to their brand being an average at best techno song from 1999 is really something. I don’t know how this particular song found its way into the hearts of Gamecock fans but it somehow did and now we have to listen to it for an entire football game. Thanks guys.

2. A Space Odyssey

That’s not the only overrated song you’ll get to hear this Saturday! South Carolina is known for running out to Also sprach Zarathustra, or that song from A Space Odyssey. Is South Carolina trying to be like Virginia Tech and Enter Sandman? Because I just watched the Enter Sandman entrance last weekend when the Hokies played Clemson. You’re not going to beat that Gamecocks. You’re just a B-List Enter Sandman.

3. Coach Boom

Maybe some of the “Coach Boom” has worn off now that he’s not at Florida, but let’s still laugh at the anger Will Muschamp has brought to SEC Football.

Will Muschamp has a career head coaching record of 37-30 and is 19-22 in the previous three seasons. Calm down coach! It could be worse, at least that last second field goal against Louisiana Tech went through!

4. SEC Class of 1992

The Hogs and Gamecocks both were added to the SEC in 1992. Time to prove once again that we are the superior 1992 team! Arkansas has won their division three times, how many have you won? Just once? That’s cute. How about head-to-head wins? Arkansas leads that too. Arkansas and South Carolina won’t face again until 2022, so the Hogs need to make sure they prove to be the superior addition to the conference.