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Arkansas Fight Week 9 SEC Pick ‘Em

Some much closer games to choose from this week.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Last week had 4 of the 5 games at double digits spreads. Three writers handled that masterfully with our first perfect weeks of the season. Will we see a repeat this weekend? We have four games with one possession spreads, so things could turn wildly this weekend. Here’s who we’ve got.

Arkansas Fight Week 9 Pick ‘Em

WEEK 9 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
WEEK 9 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
LAST WEEK 3-2 3-2 5-0 3-2 4-1 5-0
OVERALL 32-24-1 25-31-1 33-23-1 31-25-1 27-29-1 24-22-1
Arkansas at Ole Miss (-3.5) OM -3.5 Ark +3.0 OM -3.5 OM -3.5 OM -3.5 OM -3.5
Georgia (-13.5) vs Florida UGA -13.5 UGA -13.5 UGA -13.5 UF +13.5 UGA -13.5 UGA -13.5
Vanderbilt at South Carolina (-7.0) S Car -7.0 S Car -7.0 S Car -7.0 Vany +7.0 S Car -7.0 S Car -7.0
Missouri (-13.0) at UConn Mizzou -13.0 Uconn +13.0 Mizzou -13.0 Mizzou -13.0 Mizzou -13.0 Mizzou -13.0
Miss State (-1.5) at Texas A&M TAMU +1.5 Miss St -1.5 TAMU +1.5 TAMU +1.5 TAMU +1.5 TAMU +1.5
Tennessee at Kentucky (-5.0) Tenn +5.0 Tenn +5.0 Tenn +5.0 Tenn +5.0 Tenn +5.0 UK -5.0

Arkansas at Ole Miss (-3.5)

Jamie: Ole Miss because SEC and away game.

Adam P: Battle of the dumpster fires and we have more gas!

Eric: Yeah I’m not taking the Hogs any more this year no matter the spread.

Georgia (-13.5) vs Florida

Jamie: Florida loses but this game is always weird so I’ll take the points.

Eric: This year Georgia’s talent is just too much for Florida to make things weird, even though this game usually gets wild.

Vanderbilt at South Carolina (-7.0)

Adam P: Gamecocks should get it done.

Eric: Yeah Vandy, I thought things wouldn’t be as bad. Things are still pretty bad.

Missouri (-13.0) at UConn

Adam P: UConn is bad. Need more Rebecca Lobo's to beat the Tigers, I think.

Jamie: It always amazes me when Mizzou or Miss State takes these weird away games. Mizzou.

Miss State (-1.5) at Texas A&M

Jamie: A&M, home dog and really I think the better team.

Adam P: Should be a good game, but the 12th man pulls them through.

Tennessee at Kentucky (-5.0)

Eric: When the ole “Win your game or your fired” wheel lands on Kentucky, you’re probably going to be okay for another week.

Jamie: This is the game where the sinking ship team realizes that there are lots of perks to going to a bowl game (above and below board) and pulls one out. Tennessee wins outright.