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Arkansas Fight Week 7 Pick’em

Who’s really going to be feeling the heat this weekend?

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl - Nebraska v Tennessee Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Lucky us, we get not one, but TWO thirty point spreads in the SEC this week. Gone are the days of the SEC being the deepest and most competitive conference. Instead we get a couple of games some head coaches better win for their sake, some foregone conclusions, and a couple of games that just feel like a random number generator. All make for fun picking.

Arkansas Week 7 SEC Pick’em

WEEK 7 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
WEEK 7 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
Last Week 3-3 3-3 3-3 1-5 2-4 2-4 2-4
Overall 26-18-1 20-24-1 24-20-1 24-20-1 20-24-1 23-21-1 15-19-1
Arkansas at Alabama (-30.0) Bama -30.0 Ark +30.0 Bama -30.0 Bama -30.0 Bama -30.0 Ark +30.0 Bama -30.0
BYU at Miss State (-24.0) Miss St -24.0 Miss St -24.0 Miss St -24.0 Miss St -24.0 BYU +24.0 Miss St -24.0 Miss St -24.0
South Carolina at Tennessee (-3.0) SC +3.0 Tenn -3.0 SC +3.0 SC +3.0 Tenn -3.0 SC +3.0 Tenn -3.0
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss (-3.5) Vandy +3.5 Vandy +3.5 Vandy +3.5 Vandy +3.5 Vandy +3.5 Vandy +3.5 OM -3.5
Auburn (-7.0) at LSU Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0 Auburn -7.0
Texas A&M at Florida (-2.5) UF -2.5 TAMU +2.5 TAMU +2.5 TAMU +2.5 TAMU +2.5 TAMU +2.5 UF -2.5
Missouri at Georgia (-30.0) UGA -30.0 UGA -30.0 UGA -30.0 UGA -30.0 Mizzou +30.0 UGA -30.0 UGA -30.0

Arkansas at Alabama (-30.0)

Robert: Arkansas - Because Bret will give us all something to hope for this week in a waste of good coaching and execution that he should use on a winnable game.

Jamie: Bama. It might be 50

Adam P: Gimme Bama cause mama didn't raise no fool!

Eric: I’m on record with 49-7 elsewhere and I’m sticking with it.

Derek: Easy money.

BYU at Miss State (-24.0)

Adam P: Bulldogs. Because SEC.

Eric: BYU’s offense is so bad Miss State might only need to get to 24 for the cover.

Derek: Starkville makes the bulldogs 10x better and they've been taking lumps on the road and are going to bounce back in a big way.

South Carolina at Tennessee (-3.0)

Jamie: Carolina. Something is going on in Knoxville and I’m not sure anybody is in control of it.

Eric: South Carolina wins but Tennessee gets some valuable leadership reps.

Derek: Vols take out frustration.

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss (-3.5)

Robert: Vanderbilt - Currently Vanderbilt still has better wins on the season.

Adam P: Gimme the rich, smart kids.

Jamie: Vandy. I think they’re actually the better team

Auburn (-7.0) at LSU

Adam P: Is 7 points all? Sorry Mr. Marble Mouth, Gus Bus rolls on!

Robert: Auburn - I don't feel like LSU will be favored in a shootout like they are likely to see this weekend. I think Guice will ultimately be the best running back, but Kerryon Johnson will probably score 3 TDs this weekend.

Derek: Bayou Bengals wish they played Florida every week.

Texas A&M at Florida (-2.5)

Eric: Something tells me the annual second half swoon from A&M gets started now.

Adam P: Chomp Aggies Chomp!

Derek: Aggies might be, no, they are the fourth best team in SEC.

Missouri at Georgia (-30.0)

Jamie: Georgia. It might also be 50.

Adam P: I'll take an extra 30 against Missouri with Georgia playing at home. But still won't be as bad as Arkansas at Alabama, sorry to say.

Derek: Even though MU is terrible, it covers that one.