Who will be coaching the Hogs in 2018 (Poll)?

Is it bad that I log in here each day looking to see that a change has been made for the Razorbacks?

I am a long time Hog fan. I grew up calling the Hogs. I've been to many games in Little Rock, Fayetteville, and even Dallas. I remember the first tickets I purchased were the 1991 Texas game in Little Rock. (before then I'd go with my dad) My first date with my bride of well over 20 years was to the Arkansas - Mississippi State game in 1993 (Tie game). When Coach B. was hired and through most of last year, I thought it was a great hire. I really wished success for Bielema and the Hogs. I love a strong power run game to set up the play action pass with a studly defense. Too bad we only see that when the Hogs play Alabama...

After five years I think it is time to change the Head Hog. I don't say that easily. I know it will cause at least a year or two for the next guy to get in here, change the system, and get players that fit his style. At this time I am willing to take that. I don't see it getting any better with the current coaches in Fayetteville now.

So who do you see as the coach next year on the Hill?

Edit: if you vote "other" please indicate who in the comments.

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