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Film Room: Arkansas vs Texas A&M Part 2 Breaking Down 4th Q TD

Part 2 of the Film.

Part 2:

After falling behind 24-17 late in the 3rd quarter Arkansas drove back down the field stringing together nice gains on the ground. After a crucial drop by Dominique Reed on 3rd and 3 Arkansas was forced to punt.

From midfield Texas A&M benefitted from a bogus pass interference call that moved them to 1st and 10 from the 33.

Setup: Texas A&M in a Gun Trips to the boundary identical to the previous play.

Play Call: Counter GT, RPO.

The threat to run that Knight established earlier in the game gave the Arkansas defenders conflict.

Also the play call widened the gaps and made it even easier to open such massive running lanes in the B gap.


On the previous play the Arkansas defense was outmanned to the outside on the keep side of the zone read, but with the FS Liddell flowing down, they were able to force Knight to throw over the top where he picked up the nonsense PI call on Jared Collins.

The response from Robb Smith is to call a front where the DE’s slow play and look for the zone read without attacking.

This call plays right into the Counter Guard/Tackle play.

Counter G/T:

COUNTER G-T The simplest way to run the Counter play is by pulling the back side guard and tackle. This variation can be run out of 10, 11 or 12 Personnel. If your QB is an athlete, this is a great concept to read the back side defensive end to handle a six-man box. If your QB is not a dual threat, then running any of your existing RPO concepts is an option as well. This is a play that can be run from the Pistol or traditional shotgun.Assignments for this play are very simple (and very similar to the One Back Power:

Front Side Tackle: B Gap to Second Level (look to double team at the first level

Front Side Guard: A Gap to Second Level (look to double team at the first level

Center: X to Y Gap (Fill for Pulling Guard) / May pull the Center against a back side three technique

Back Side Guard: Open Pull* and kickout the EMOL frontsideBack Side Tackle: Square Pull* and wrap to kickout 1st LB in the box frontside

The Arkansas Secondary is in a man free look with FS Josh Liddell rotating to the middle of the field and everyone else locked up in man to man coverage.

SS Santos Ramirez is lined up over the #3 WR from the boundary sideline.

The action up front looks identical and the QB sees a give read due to the call with the DE’s playing wide and not crashing inside.

Weak side linebacker Dre Greenlaw gets blocked by the RT who downblocks to double team the nose initially then works to the second level.

As the Guard and tackle pull around to lead through the playside B gap there is not much DE Karl Roesler can do other than squeeze it down.

He does this turning the back inside, but the Tackle is able to easily lead onto the filling LB Ellis.

FS Josh Liddell is the only defender in any position to make a play on RB Trayveon Williams. Williams makes a jump cut off the block of the pulling LT and sees nothing but green grass.

Run Pass Option’s like this are killer plays against man coverage due to the fact that when in press technique it is easier for a WR to get on the defender and block in space.

Check out the full play and previous absolutely unbelievable pass interference call that set it up.