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Going Ham Podcast: Time is a Flat Circle for Arkansas

The monkey will remain on the Hog’s back as Arkansas has a fourth quarter collapse against Texas A&M.

NCAA Football: Texas State at Arkansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


On this episode of Going Ham, we discuss all the things that went wrong against Texas A&M, and all the things that went right. Our QB play is great, but our run game is weak. This isn’t a traditional Bret Bielema team, and that’s a big problem.

Not because a non-traditional Bret Bielema team can’t win. Of course it can. But the coaches have to accept that being run first may not always be the correct answer. Stubborn playcalling, more than anything else, was the story for us from the TAMU game.

All is not lost, however. The Hogs are still ranked, and they have to host Alcorn State at 11:00 AM in Little Rock next Saturday (which is terrifying) and could be 4-1 heading into the Alabama game. Arkansas can still “save the season” because the season isn’t lost with one game. This team can win.

They just have to remember how. Alcorn State could provide that boost...but Little Rock looms.

Edit: Should warn you all that there is a slight amount of naughty words in the podcast. Just a heads up.