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Arkansas Razorbacks News and Tidbits: Texas A&M Previews Galore

Looking ahead to Saturday’s already huge SEC West Showdown.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M vs Arkansas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If we’re being honest, every SEC West game is a big one. You only get six games against the teams in your division to make the climb up the standings. With that being said, this Arkansas/Texas A&M matchup feels like one of the biggest early season match ups. By the time Sunday rolls around the SEC West will have two undefeated teams, Alabama and whoever wins this showdown. It may not turn out this way, but the perception is that the winner will be the biggest threat to Alabama, and that’s a big step.

To breakdown the game into smaller pieces, Saturday Down South has a positional breakdown of the match ups in this game. Not surprisingly, Texas A&M has the advantage in most categories mostly due to the amount of talent they have been able to bring into College Station. The Hogs big advantage is going to be where it usually is, in the run game. The Aggies have been giving up a lot of yards on the ground against teams not necessarily for their run games.

Overtime has never been anything new to Arkansas fans. There have been more than the Hogs’ share of overtime games in the past couple of seasons. Here is an interesting look into how Bielema has become determined to be more prepared for overtime after struggling with it in his last year at Wisconsin. This seems especially important after the last two games in Jerryworld have ended in Overtime losses.

Unless you’ve been under a college football rock, you know that the talk of the country is Louisville and Bobby Petrino, it is looking more and more likely that they will be involved in some future playoff discussions. There have been a couple questions asked in Jeff Long would have to sit out those talks. It sounds like Long has given a resounding no to that and he won’t let the past affect his decisions, which is what we’ve come to expect from Long.

Long was also asked about how filling the scheduling hole left by Michigan is going, and he was very candid in saying that it’s not going well. In a world where schedules are made so far ahead of time this isn’t surprising at all. It sounds like Long has a few options, but they are dependent on some other things moving around.