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Reasons to Hate: Texas A&M

Aggies, Aggies, Aggies

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images
  1. Let’s get all of the cliches out in one bullet point. You guys tend to put them in the comments if I don’t put them on here, which is great. I love everyone’s comments and please feel free to add your own at the end. So here are the cliche ones. They are Aggies. They’re in Texas. They are an old SWC rival.
  2. The Aggies have won four in a row against the Hogs, including the last two games that have gone to overtime. Ever since they forced that two year break to play at each team’s campus, A&M has won every game against the Hogs.
  3. They have Yell Leaders and not cheerleaders. It’s not a Texas A&M hate list if this isn’t on there. Talk about a calendar no one would buy. It’s a bunch of dudes in overalls doing a bunch of spastic moves they got from watching too many Jim Carrey movies in the 90’s.
  4. Their expectations are entirely too high. Kevin Sumlin is 39-16 at A&M and there is talk about him being on the hot seat this year (three years into a six year contract). Is he over paid? Sure, all college coaches are now. But, he’s never won less than eight games except for once in his head coaching career. At A&M, he’s won three of four bowl games and beaten Nick Saban. He’s already done better than Mike Sherman and Dennis Franchione, so why in the world would an Aggie fan even lust for a different head coach?
  5. They act like they have some sort of claim to Bear Bryant. You know where else Bear Bryant coached? Kentucky. I’ve never heard or seen a Kentucky fan speak, tweet, blog or write about Bear Bryant ever being at Kentucky. Do Kentucky fans even know they have football? That’s beside the point. A&M was just a stepping stone in Bear Bryant’s career, nothing more, nothing less.