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Arkansas Vs Texas St: Final Grades

Not much resistance from an over-matched opponent in this one. What we did witness only affirmed more of the first two weeks strengths and weaknesses.

NCAA Football: Texas State at Arkansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Passing Accuracy: A

Awareness: C+

Decision Making: B

Clutch: C

Overall: B

Austin Allen played more snaps in this game than most expected, rolling half way through the 4th Q. A couple of scrambles for extra yardage sent panic through us all and the strip sack was all on the offensive line. Other than the sketchy scrambles which it is hard to tell a guy as competitive as that not to, his decision making and accuracy stellar. This game set his completion percentage at 67.09 which is far and above any other SEC QB’s through three games.

We were all hoping to see Ty Storey get a few more reps but a few hand-offs and an incomplete pass were all the opportunities in this game.

Running Back

Ball Security: A+

Run Success Rate: C+

YDS After Contact: C+

Passing Game: C+

Overall: B

Again Raleigh Williams III carried the load and none of the other backs were able to get on track. They did however take care of the football and were improved in pass protection.

Kody Walker continues to attempt to bounce runs to the outside instead of lower the shoulder to punish linebackers. Against Texas St. there were multiple runs where instead of demolishing the fill backer Walker or Whaley tried to jump to the outside.

Williams has been steadily improving on his angles approaching the hole on the various run schemes and looked like he was running with less intent on finding contact and more on finding daylight. Another week or two and the light will switch on to full blast and we may see a few more spectacular runs than the 10-12 yarder’s that he has been breaking.

Tight Ends

Run/Pass Blocking: C-

Routes: A

Catch Rate: A

Overall: B

Another steady game from Jeremy Sprinkle in his limited snaps. Cantrell was also again productive in the Hback role on lead plays inside. This crew will need a third option to step up against the better secondaries in SEC play. Those play action downs with 3 TEs will be a huge opportunity for someone like O’Grady or Kraus to get open.

Wide Receiver

Catch Rate: B

Run After Catch:B+

Blocking: B

Routes: A

Overall: B+

Texas St. was just straight up over-matched in the secondary by the Arkansas receivers. Hatcher, Reed, Morgan and Hollister were able to run by defenders and break tackles on a consistent basis. Keon Hatcher once again showcased precise route running and the ability to run underneath the deep ball.

Drew Morgan sits atop the team in catches with 15 for the season and #5 in the SEC through 3 weeks.

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: C+

Pass Pro: D

Short Yardage: C+

Overall: C

The coaching staff rotated multiple players early in this game and moved them into different spots. Frank Ragnow played more snaps at Guard with Jake Raulerson splitting time at Center with Zach Rogers. Outside they also gave the back up tackles some reps early, and they looked atrocious. Even more missed blitz pickups, and whiffs on pulling in the run game on power O/lead.

Hjalte Froholdt is as quick and mobile as any Guard in the country and excels using those skills in pulling situations. This is the main reason he is far and above any of the other interior olineman vying for that spot. If Bielema and Kurt Anderson choose to move Ragnow back to RG and put Raulerson at Center some of the pass pro issues may be resolved.

We will see.

Defensive Line

Pass Rush: A+

Gap integrity: B

Contain: B

Overall: B+

This was by far the largest disparity talent wise in the game for Texas St. The could not block McTelvin Agim or Deatrich Wise. Top to bottom of the depth chart the defensive line were able to put pressure on the QB without much sophistication or extra help from the LB’s.

Winston, and Ledbetter both basically picked up offensive lineman and planted them in the backfield at will in this game. There was a lot of quality reps for the backups that will be asked to rotate against A&M, and the likes later in the season.


Run Fit: A

Play Diagnosis: A

Coverage: B

Overall: A

Greenlaw and Ellis more of the same from the first three weeks. Even more of Brooks Ellis playing a weakside/overhang defender role where he can fly out on those quick throws to the outside flats. Greenlaw playing in the middle in those nickel situations may look to some teams as a mismatch but he lit up the Texas St. running backs on multiple occasions.

Defensive Back

Run Fit: B

Open Field Tackling: B

Break on the ball: B

Pattern Matching: C+

Overall: B

Ryan Pulley finally made the play that it seemed he was so close on the last two games. His break on routes is as good as anyone on the roster, and teams may try to take advantage of that with some double moves like TCU had some success on. Nice to see some press coverage, probably not going to see so much of that next week against A&M.

No major busts in coverage and only allowed 83 yards passing. No complaints there.

I think everyone is just glad to put that game in the books, celebrate a blowout and go on the Texas A&M without any major injuries. Greenlaw’s shoulder stinger looked like it was bothering him and could be something to watch as his play is key against the Air Raid/ 4 and wide offense of the Aggies.