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Arkansas vs TCU: Final Grades

What a monumental win over a ranked team on the road..After some film review here are the final grades.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The film on this game was even more impressive, with both teams tugging at the rope of momentum throughout. Arkansas looked dominant in the first half on both sides of the ball and played mistake free. TCU found a way to put together multiple scoring drives in the second half at pedal to the floor speed and into overtime. As a team Arkansas played mistake free minus a couple of penalties and defensive busts that were costly.


Passing Accuracy: A+

Awareness: B

Decision Making: B

Clutch A+

Overall: A

An impressive game from any QB but even more so in only his second start. Ten yard outs to Morgan, Reed and Hatcher all day along with clutch throws to Sprinkle in tight coverage. His awareness of pressure improved from week one and even though the line up front was still a little shaky and allowed Allen to get hit a few times there was not ever a point that he seemed to be rattled by it.

There were a few tipped balls and throws forced into coverage but just an overall epic performance.

Any time a quarterback can throw for a TD, run for a TD and catch a 2pt conversion I’d say it was an amazing day.

Running Back

Ball Security: A+

Run Success Rate: B

YDS After Contact: B

Passing Game: C+

Overall: B+

There was not a library of highlight runs for Rawleigh Williams III or Kody Walker in this game but the picked up the tough short yards when it counted. Williams busted 2 long runs and a third was called back for holding and those highlighted his quickness to the hole and burst into the second level.

RW3 still has a little learning curve to conquer in pass protection, and the coaching staff made sure Whaley was not involved in any of those situations this week.

Williams missed the hole on a few occasions and looked for the backdoor cut a little too early, he also did not get any help up front on several missed blitz pick ups.

More consistent production on the ground like this and the Hog’s will continue to put up a lot of points.

Tight Ends

Run/Pass Blocking: C+

Routes: A

Catch Rate: A+

Overall: B+

Jeremy Sprinkle made a couple of great catches with a defender all over him, and looked so so in run blocking/pass pro. Austin Cantrell missed on several blocks while leading as an Hback, but made another key catch to set Austin Allen up for his game winning run.

Wide Receiver

Catch Rate: B

Run After Catch: A

Blocking: B

Routes: B

Overall B

More of the same from the previous game, with a slightly improved route running. None of those quick outs and comebacks can be completed if the route is rounded off or missteps throwing off the timing. Drew Morgan and Keon Hatcher came up with some big grabs on timing routes where Allen threw before the break.

Drew Morgan continued to chew up yards after the catch and break tackles in space.

Who knew Hatcher could throw on the run like the trick play for the 2pt conversion? Big play there and the WR’s also play a big part in the run game both carrying the ball and in run blocking where they were asked to motion into the box repeatedly.

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: C+

Pass Pro: C-

Short Yardage: B

Overall: B

Not a great game again for this group but they made the blocks at the end when in counted. Both tackles whiffed in pass pro multiple plays early until Dan Enos sent a bit more help with a TE or a Back. The guards struggled in pull situations fitting on the quicker LBs and allowed multiple run throughs on run blitzes.

All that being said the push on the final play to seal the win accounts for a big part of this grade.

Defensive Line

Pass Rush: B

Gap integrity: C+

Contain: C

Overall: C+

Just as many quick screens and one step passes in this game as the previous but the dline was able to create some pressure. Hill was a threat to run in a lot of those situations, and they did lose contain on several occasions. Wise, Ledbetter, and Agim all played relentess in the pass rush and chasing down those short passes from behind.


Run Fit: B

Play Diagnosis: B

Coverage: A+

Overall: A

One hell of a performance by Brooks Ellis flying sideline to sideline. The coaches have made an effort to put him on the edge in more of a weakside LB role keeping him out of the down the middle turn your back and play the ball in the air situations. The pick six was the result of his skill set that is better suited to breaking on routes in front.

Ellis racked up 13 total tackles with 3 for loss.

Defensive Back

Run Fit: C

Open Field Tackling: C

Break on the ball: B

Pattern Matching: C-

Overall: C-

Only a few minor big plays downfield, but still too many missed tackles in space. Also not many pass break ups for this group, but Ryan Pulley jumped on three in coverage.

Better alignment in this game against the multiple sets that TCU including 5 wide at times.

A few mistakes and some miscues to work on in that 3rd quarter, but it was a key out of conference win that will look really nice at the end of the season.