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Arkansas Razorbacks Preseason Camp Report: Updates Through Day 5

What’s been going on the first few days of camp?

Razorbacks Communications

The Hogs are finally back in full force in Fayetteville. After going through the NCAA-mandated first few days in varying combinations of just helmets, shorts, and incomplete padding, the Razorbacks started practicing in full gear early this week.

With the dawning of preseason camp and Sunday’s Media Day comes a collection of practice reports from those attending practice every day. Or at least the parts of practice open to the press. As usual, UA has closed the bulk of the practices, leaving open the first few periods, which often are only composed of stretching and basic drills. They do, however, allow the media to speak with selected players and assistant coaches after most practices, and we do get some insight from that time.

Here’s a collection of highlights from the first few days of preseason camp:

Arkansas’ starting offensive line as of August 9th*

*subject to change. several, several times.

Skipper had been at RT the first few days with Colton Jackson at LT. This could stick. It may not. More on Skipper.

Several Razorback starters suffered major injuries last season, but one that wasn’t talked about as much was the broken leg to linebacker Josh Williams. Ever since breaking his leg in Knoxville last fall, Bielema has talked about Williams in a way that made several believe his playing career was over, but Williams is proving that wrong right now and could end up being a fullback or linebacker on the team this year.

Another feel good story is the return of Randy Ramsey, who was off the team last year after playing as a true freshman in 2014. He came back as a walk-on and has done well enough that Bielema put him back on scholarship.

With so much attention going to the offensive line this month, the defensive line isn’t getting so much attention. It’s getting plenty of hype though. So what is exactly going on with that group? Here’s an update.

So how are the newcomers faring? Arkansas is bringing in more than 20 new players this fall, and several will play this season. Bielema said at Media Day it could be anywhere between 5-15 freshmen on the field this year.