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Arkansas Razorbacks News - WE HAVE A DEPTH CHART!

Plus, a new uniform update!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Give yourself a pat on the back, you survived another offseason and it's finally game week for Arkansas football. Reward yourself with a depth chart! The offensive line looks settled and there aren't many surprises on the season's first official two-deep. It looks like Ty Storey has taken hold of the QB2 spot for now.

A cool new thing you might notice on a few football players' jerseys this week is a new graduate patch. This is a new thing the University is doing for students who have already finished their undergrad work and are going through a grad program in their final year. Eight football players will have the patch, along with a volleyball and soccer player this fall.

If you're sitting at work and just can't think of anything besides SEC football here are a couple things for you. First a list of the biggest SEC games this year that won't include the Hogs, so mark your calendars for those because there are a lot of big games for the conference on opening weekend. Next, a little pop quiz. Can you name every starting quarterback in the SEC since 2011? Try your luck here, I did and it turned out to be surprisingly difficult. You could give me all day and I would not be able to name that one Vandy starter back in 2014.

By now you've seen some shots of the awful flooding happening in Louisiana. SEC schools have been quick to help out Baton Rouge in an important time of need. Here's a quick video of some of the Razorback athletes from all sports loading up supplies to help aid some of the victims.

Football may not have started but the Hogs have already pulled a major upset. This past Friday the Razorback soccer team got a monumental win over No. 2 Duke in front of a record crowd of over 3,000. For those not familiar with college soccer, Duke is a major program and this is one of the bigger wins in school history. Plus it is a little revenge from a previous meeting, Arkansas was knocked out of the 2013 NCAA Tournament in the Sweet 16 by the Blue Devils.