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Arkansas Razorbacks News - Bret Bielema is Having More Fun Than You

Plus what does Juice mean and why does Drew Morgan have it?

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Now that Being Bret Bielema is out on ESPNU, many people are getting an idea of the kind of personality he really is. Sure there have been plenty of times he's made headlines for his quotes about nearly everything and everyone, but this ESPN feature really shows the personal side of Bielema. There is a clear focus of having fun in the football program, but also with doing it how he sees it as the right way.

Speaking of Bielema making headlines in front of a microphone, he's done it again just a week ahead of the football season. He made plenty of jabs at Michigan again during the team's kickoff luncheon. Bielema seems intent on making "Michigan" a verb, so don't leave anything early around him or that's the treatment you're going to get.

Out of all the preseason predictions, one place particularly high on the Hogs was the SEC Network. Clint Stoerner and Greg McElroy are predicting the schedules of all the SEC teams and gave the Hogs a 9-3 mark, and a 6-2 run in SEC play. The highlight of that was the prediction of a win over Alabama this season. It wouldn't be enough to win the SEC West, as they predicted that game to be Alabama's only loss, but just about everyone in Arkansas would take that season.

Get ready to hear about how Austin Allen is Brandon's little brother for the next three months. It will be mentioned on television broadcasts more than "Arkansas had the biggest offensive line in the world," from last season. But this article is a good look into how Austin is carving his own name and style onto the starting quarterback job. Personality-wise he is very different that Brandon, and we won't have to wait much longer to see how that translates on the field.

If you're close enough to hear the players on gameday, chances are you're going to hear Drew Morgan yelling about bringing the juice a lot. What does that mean? Well he explained it some here. Most importantly juice is a positive mindset to bring to practice and to games. Word is still out on how much it will catch on, but Morgan is going to do is best to make sure it sticks.