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Pork Links: O-Line Decision Day and Player Rankings

Who are the Hogs' top players heading into the season opener?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of movement in the offensive line in camp so far. Multiple guys have been playing different spots on the line and working with different combinations of players to figure out who is filling the last couple of spots. According to Bret Bielema, that decision – at least for the season opener – could be made soon. He has set the date for wanting to have the starters settled for Tuesday, giving the line 10 days before Louisiana Tech to get used to the positions.

If you like stats then, oh boy, we have the preview for you. Bill Connelly's advanced stats preview for the Hogs is up, and it is jam packed with all kinds of breakdowns of the offense and defense. For those only interested in the win loss record part of the preview, he has a win probability percentage for each game. This preview shows what a lot of us already know, that this season could go a lot of different directions. Half of the games, according to Connelly's rankings, are virtual toss ups. So there will be no shortage of drama this season for the Hogs.

Who is on your top-10 list of Razorbacks this year? It's not necessarily the most important argument, but it is a fun one. Compare it to this one put out by SEC Country. What this ranking really shows is that unlike last year, where Brandon Allen and Alex Collins were clear stars of the team, there is a much more balanced group in the spotlight. Personally, I would have both Brooks Ellis and Jared Cornelius higher on this list.

ESPN continued its position breakdown for the SEC, and Arkansas will probably find their highest ranking at the wide receiver and tight end position. With the number of weapons the Hogs have, they find themselves in the elite group at No. 4 in the conference.

Arkansas has had a couple injury blows from practice, but got some good news as well. It was expected that freshman T.J. Hammonds would miss some time due to a torn meniscus, but it turns out he is already back after just missing a week. He could be back for the season opener, but if there is any doubt he is fully healed it might be worth waiting a week for him to make his debut.