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Bret Bielema Press Conference Recap: Preseason Camp Continues

The Tweetcaps are back!

Arkansas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bret Bielema normally only addresses the media during camp on weekends, but he met with the beat guys on Wednesday this week. Perhaps it’s the start of something new. Here’s a rundown of some of the more interesting notes.

Yes, a double day. Arkansas is having two-a-days. I’m not totally sure why that was blamed for some of the slow start to last season, but it was. And now the Hogs are back into normal two-a-days. Everyone can calm down.

This is what we should be hoping to see. It’s good to know Keon Hatcher is back and healthy. We already knew that from watching him in the spring, but still nice to see.

I think Rawleigh Williams is one of the most intriguing storylines of fall camp. He was starting to look really good by the time he was injured last year. We know physically he’s back to 100%. Is he there mentally? It takes some players a while to get comfortable going full speed in games again.

It appears Bielema finally has his fullback. Ever since Kiero Small graduated after Bielema’s first season, he’s tried several players in that spot the last two years and never really seemed happy with the results.

This is what should happen since Ellis and Greenlaw were really the only two linebackers that played at all last year after Josh Williams was hurt. It would be a shock if they weren’t locked in as starters.

I’m basically at the point where I don’t care at all what happens in the kicking game in practice. We always get good reports, and most of them are usually better than “missed two kicks” in nearly a week of camp. Bielema gave Hedlund glowing reviews in spring and then he still missed a few kicks in the spring game. Wait to see what happens in September.

They continue to tinker with the offensive line. As we wrote yesterday, they’ve moved Brian Wallace up with the starting linemen in place of Colton Jackson, who had been with that group. Don’t know what will stick.

The battle for that #2 tight end spot continues. They continue to mention lots of players there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing all of them.

Can’t tackle Bob. He’s a state treasure.

Bielema probably will, too. He said the same thing about Kiero Small and Small is back in Fayetteville. Brey Cook is here as well.

Bielema and Kliff are still on the outs. I do hope they get to play each other again at some point.

Some of the new guys aren’t wasting any time. Great to see.