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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Offensive Line, Bielema's Golf Swing, Recruiting

Plus a #ProHogs matchup in the majors!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest blessings of the Razorback offense last season was the consistency of the offensive line. It's rare to have five such talented players, and even rarer to keep them all healthy. This season the line has a few more question marks, and this article breaks down some of the position battles taking place on the line. There are a few guys battling for different spots. In addition to that it has a quick report on other things as practice is about to begin.

The signing of Montaric Brown was a big deal, Arkansas held on to the top prospect in the state, fended off Alabama for him, and got a player in a position of need. The article here talks about the importance of keeping the best players in the state. Bielema has talked publicly about getting those guys and it has usually turned into success for the team when they can stay in state. Tight Ends coach Barry Lunney talks about how important it is in the article as well.

Have you ever wondered about Bret Bielema's golf game? Well thanks to the magic of video, you can see his swing and its, well, violent. I'm not an avid golfer but even I know a swing coach would probably faint looking at that swing. Who knows, maybe he could get a few pointers from John Daly at some point.

There was some ProHog on ProHog violence this weekend in the major leagues. The good news was that James McCann had his first major league grandslam to cap off a huge first inning for the Detroit Tigers. The bad news is that it came off former teammate Dallas Keuchel. Elsewhere in the majors, Brett Eibner had a solid start to his major league career and has been dealt to the Athletics. To go from the defending World Series Champs to the A's, who sometimes have less people in the stands than Baum Stadium, is a tough move.