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What Is Your First Razorback Memory?

Mine came at age 6

Cedric Cobbs #4...

An interesting tweet was making its rounds on Twitter Wednesday: What was the first big news story you remember as a kid?

Being born in 1993 and still being really young, the first monumental news story I recall was the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers. I was in elementary school in a classroom called (Gifted & Talented – not to brag), and my teacher bolted out of the room absolutely beside herself.

My mother still has the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and a couple of other papers from the day after, and they’re beyond chilling to look at even now.

After reliving all of that yesterday, I thought about trying to spark a bit lighter conversation, if possible, and basically #sticktosports. So what’s your first memory of the Razorbacks, good or bad?

Oddly enough, I talked with my dad about this very memory not too long ago. It was in October of 1999, and I was on a Fellowship of Christian Athletes trip with my church’s youth group (parents were largely involved), and we traveled up to Fayetteville on a Sparkman High School long, yellow bus.

It took us forever, obviously, to get to campus coming up from south central Arkansas, and once we did it began to rain. On top of that, the UofA had the FCA Day seats reserved on the south end zone grass, so we pretty much got soaking wet.

What I remember most about that dreary day, though, was Cedric Cobbs returning a kickoff – the opening kickoff, I think – for a touchdown and running for 200+ yards against that Middle Tennessee State team.

I was sadly too young to remember a good majority of the fascinating things that took place in the 90s, but that’s what comes to mind before all else. Around this time last year, Cobbs, as well as 32 others, was arrested with a charge of first-degree promoting prostitution in a huge bust in central Arkansas. BUT THINK ABOUT THE POSITIVES, RIGHT?

What was your first Razorback memory?